Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birth story part 1 and Sunday was my 33rd Birthday

Well where should I begin,it all started days before when on that Thursday night/very early Friday morning (December 11th) I woke up with pretty bad cramps. I ignored them and tried to fall back sleep figuring they were just very early labor pains or braxton hicks. The cramps got worse through out the day.I still was not in immense pain yet.Very uncomfortable yes, screaming out in pain no.That night (Friday night) it got way worse and the cramps/contractions got much more painful. I did not sleep that whole night except a 10-15 minute nap here and there as the contractions kept waking me up.They got even stronger as the night wore on DH was timing them and they were anywhere from 5-15 minutes apart. By the next morning (Saturday 12-12-09) I was in a lot of pain and could no longer just wait it out, so we went into the birthing center that afternoon and they hooked me up to the monitors etc and checked my cervix. They said I was dilated to 1cm and 70% effaced.They too said my cervix was very hard to get to since his head was coming down in front of it which was pushing my cervix to the back of me.( I mention this on a previous post when I had a OB appointment but apparently my cervix was even farther back this time and his head further down, the nurse even said "wow his head is like right there!") They told us to walk the halls for 30 minutes if there was no change I would be sent home, which is what happened.They said I was most likely in very early labor and there was nothing to do but to go home.I went home still in a lot of pain which only got worse.By that night I was in excruciating pain I was moaning out loud and partially screaming. I was in tears most of the time. I felt helpless and frustrated and very very tired.Each time I would dose off it would only be for a couple minutes and when a contraction hit I would fly out of bed as fast as I could all pregnant and huge and stand up with my hands resting on the bed for balance and moan and sway and cry. My back was killing me the pain was so bad that when the contraction happened I could not get off my back fast enough.Dh was trying to comfort me by rubbing my back but it didn't help, only seemed to make it worse since there was no part of me that wanted to be touched at all. I had no idea how to comfort myself so there was little chance that he could either.By the next day, Sunday (12-13-09) I was exhausted, miserable and feeling like a failure.I felt like if this is early labor and I am in this much pain I must be a huge wimp.All the books say how early labor is only mildly uncomfortable and that most women continue with their daily routine. I was like are you kidding me there is no way I can hardly walk much less continue with my daily routine.I tried everything that Sunday to help the pain I tried breathing techniques, heat packs, sitting in a warm tub and massage. None of it helped at all. DH called the birthing center that night(Sunday night) to tell them how much pain I was in and that my contractions had been very regular and at a point 2 minutes apart.Now while I was having contractions 2 minutes apart they would not stay that way they did however follow a very regular pattern which only served to confuse us more. They had been anywhere from 2-15 minutes apart never more never less. It would start like this I would have two 15 minute apart contractions and then maybe two 9 minute apart contractions then three or four 5 minute apart ones and then three or four 2 minute ones.And they were all lasting two minutes each. The whole cycle would repeat itself over and over again.The nurse at the birthing center was not convinced I was in actual labor yet due to the varying lengths of my contractions. He told her I was in immense pain in turn she was snotty to DH and said "You know it is called labor for a reason.If you come in then you most likely will be sent home but I guess you can come in if you want" I was sitting in our tub crying the whole he was on the phone with her.We both decided to wait it out since we knew our chances of being taken seriously were slim to none. I also was thankful that I had an OB appointment the next morning and was hoping at least my OB would listen.So I for the 3rd night now went without any real sleep I had a 5- 10 minutes between contractions but honestly I was worn out. My entire being was exhausted mind and body.I made it to my OB appointment and was in so much pain there that even the nurse noticed I wasn't my happy self and said something to DH while I was collecting my urine sample he then told her I was in a lot of pain and bit about what was going on. I went to the exam room after finishing in the bathroom where I continued to be miserable. I braced myself against the counter as contraction after contraction came. I was in tears and that is when my OB came in and took one look at me and knew I was in actual labor not early labor especially after we told her what the previous days had held.She then said I want to you admitted today, right now. Her theory about my pain and lack of cervical dilation was that I was in so much pain and so incredibly sleep deprived that I was in labor and had been for days but my body was so worn out that my cervix would not progress.She said if I got admitted and got some pain relief she had a pretty good feeling that I would progress on my own and if not we would proceed with the previously scheduled induction a day early.The bad side was that she could not be there, as she herself has a auto immune condition that requires her to get IV meds every Monday and that was what day it was. She said no worries though as one of the other OB's would be there to take care of me. It ended up being the only one in the practice that I had yet to meet............This is where I will end for now as my story is quite long and at times very disappointing and emotionally hurtful.I don't want to overwhelm any of you with too long of a post, rest assured that I will finish it and I am sorry that it has taken this long. I have been a bit blue/down due to it,lack of sleep and changing hormones that is partially why I have not posted in so long.I have however been still following all of you wonderful ladies just haven't felt like posting until now. ((hugs)) I will include a few pics of our precious baby!


Peta-maree said...

Congratulations on the birth of Mason and Happy Birthday.



twondra said...

Oh, sweetie. I'm sorry it was such a rough go! I've been wanting to call you and talk to you but wasn't sure when was a good time for you. You've been on my mind a lot.

I'm so happy you have Mason! He's absolutely a gorgeous baby, Megan!

Happy birthday!!!

Meant to be a mom said...

What a beautiful baby. I'm so sorry to hear about the beginning of your ordeal. I'm so upset at that birthing center. There are a few choice words that come to mind but I will spare you from them.
However, aren't they supposed to be a birthing center and know about labor and different issues that can happen due to labor. SERIOUSLY!

Nichole said...

Megan! I have been thinking about you guys SO MUCH! I was just telling my husband the other day...I wonder how Megan is doing...she hasn't blogged in a while!
I am so sorry to hear the labor was so hard for you! I can't imagine going that long with that little sleep in that much pain without totally going crazy! You are a champ!
I will be anxiously awaiting the rest of your update! I am here if you need to talk, I have experience with depression (not the post-partum type) but depression non the less and am always here if you need me!

Much love and hugs!

Michele said...

Congrats and happy birthday! I'm looking forward to the rest of your story.

Angela said...

Congrats on such a beautiful baby boy! What a long journey! Thanks for updating us all even though you're exhausted...physically and mentally. Please don't be hard on yourself about this. None of us no how our long awaited "birth" stories will go. I've still been mulling over mine a year later, but have realized that it all happened for a reason and some of the negative probably saved my life. Your emotions are real! How you feel right now is OK! Just be sure you can talk to someone about how you're feeling, your doctor as well! We're here for you if you need it! And Happy Birthday! What a great present!

embieadoptmom said...

First of all, he is SO PRECIOUS! 2nd of all, sounds like you had QUITE an experience and not all a great one! At least the end result was sweet little Mason~ Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

kanishk said...

I'm so happy you have Mason! He's absolutely a gorgeous baby,

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