Sunday, December 13, 2009

I was told it could be anytime. plus **UPDATE** on this previously posted post

I had to go in to the birthing center today because I have been having contractions that are making me down right miserable.When I went in they said I was 70% effaced and 1 cm dialated.They had us walk the halls for a half an hour and checked me again. No change, so I was sent home after they gave me somethin to help me sleep which didn't really work since my contractions keep waking me up. My contractions have been anywhere from 4 minutes apart to 15 minutes apart, all I know is about 75% of they are excruiating.This all started over 24 hours ago.I did not know that early labor would be as painful and more painful than my endometriosis.When I was at the birthing center they hooked me to the monitors and confirmed that I was having contractions.They said the baby is doing good. They said the would be shocked if I made it to my induction date on wednesday.I have an appointment with my OB tomorrow morning, if I make it that far.I will post more and update when I know more.

Had my appointment this morning and they are admitting me. My OB thinks that my very tricky /difficult cervix plus my endometriosis is the culprit to why I am having labor pains that are far greater than what I should be having for early labor.I am currently 2+ cm dilated and 90% effaced,so I did change from yesterday but considering I have been in labor since friday evening my doctor thinks that they should go ahead and admit me since I have had no sleep since thursday night due to contractions and that my cervix may be being difficult for the reasons I mentioned earlier. She said that the baby is all the way down and ready but my cervix just isn't cooperating.They want to get me in and medicated so I can get some pain relief and rest for a while. Then they will check me again and see if giving my body some relief will allow it to continue to dilate on it's on if not then they will proceed with induction. I will post when I am able but will not be taking my laptop to the birthing center so it could be a few days.((hugs)) to you all!!!


Jen said...

I am so excited!!! I remember your drive for the transfer!!! And now your Miracle will be here any time!!!

Hugs, lots of love, and prayers for your final moments of pregnancy!!!


ks and jd said...

I can't believe it's all finally happening! I've been following your journey since transfer as well! Congrats!! I hope everything goes smooth from here on out and that they get you pain free quickley!

Can't wait for the update! Yahhh!

Mandibula said...

Good Luck Sweetie!! Can't wait to hear all the good news!!

Angela said...

Hope You're getting some sleep in and some pain relief too! This is very exciting! God bless! Can't wait to hear!

Michele said...

OMG- You are almost there!!! I am praying, praying, praying!!!

Sending love and hugs!

Jen said...

I can't wait for details!!! Hugs, prayers, and lots of love!!!

twondra said...

Oh sweetie! I'm so excited for you!! I hope you're able to get some pain relief and some poor thing! I'm thinking and praying for you!!


blessedmomto8 said...

Can't believe the time is already here! Praying all goes perfect!

Meant to be a mom said...

Prayers sent your way. How amazing, You might be having a baby very very soon!!!

kanishk said...

I hope everything goes smooth from here on out and that they get you pain free quickley!

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