Wednesday, May 14, 2014

As usual I am way behind posting :-(

We had our transfer on December third.They thawed 2 embies but we lost one so they thawed another one. Two were transfered. I had my my beta on december 13th and it was positive! We are currently expecting twin girls due this August! So sorry that I have been so bad about updating. Just have been so busy here lately.Hope everyone else is doing well!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Getting closer!!

Just thought I would pop in for an update.I had my lining check on Tuesday and they said I was good to go for my December 3rd FET!! My lining was at 9.4 which the nurse said was just right. They said they want it not too thin but not too thick. I guess they shoot for anything above 6 but below 12(?) Not positive on the last number as I kinda stopped listening as closely to what she was saying after she said "perfect" :-) Anyways I am to continue on meds as previously instructed until friday.At which point I stop my Lupron and decrease my estrace.Then on Saturday I add in my Prometrium.Wow is this moving fast!! I can't believe my transfer is less than a week away. Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

We have a transfer date!

So after about 6 weeks of looking at profiles we finally decided on a set. It is a set of 7.Five of them are 4 day and two are 6 day blasts. I am scared and excited all in one.I started Lupro.n shots about 2 weeks ago and will begining my estrac.e this weekend.I cannot believe how fast this process has moved.We were told back on April 1st of this year that it would probably be at least 9-12 months before we were matched. Never in a million years did we think we would be matched so quickly!Let alone be having a transfer this year. Our official transfer date is December 3rd! Which is only about 2 weeks away!That's just crazy!! I have to say that even though I have had three previous transfers (only 2 successful) I still am super nervous.I feel like I am a newbie starting all over again and have the same fears as I did in the begining. I guess it's because I know that even though you can do everything just right and take all your meds exactly there is no promise of a baby or if that you get pregnant that you will stay pregnant.( I have had 3 mc's) Am I alone that I only truly breath a complete sigh of relief after I am home with my baby in my arms?

So recently I have noticed that ALOT of fellow bloggers have finally achieved their dreams of building families and it makes my heart smile a huge goofy smile! After 4+ years of blogging a lot has changed and it seems several bloggers have quite blogging :-( I miss all you ladies,you all will never know how much your love ,support and friendship has meant to me over the years! Even though so much has changed I do hope that I will continue to hear from you ladies and that I "meet" new bloggers/friends as I try to get my blog active again.I hope that I can be there for the "newbies" just like some of you ladies were here for me. Infertility is a really difficult road but we can get through anything that we set our minds to and we can do it as we always have TOGETHER!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Looking through profiles for weeks now....and a visit with a fellow blogger!

We officially received profiles to look at on August 12th in the mail. They arrived while we were on a family trip so we had to wait until we got home almost 2 weeks after that to look at them. It was so hard waiting. Our official waiting list wait was just under 4 and a 1/2 months. Much less then the initial 9-12 months they first predicted at my RE's office. We have already passed on the first 2 sets we were sent and are still currently looking at 4 other sets that were sent a few weeks later. We have struggled a bit more with deciding and may still continue to wait for the next sets. We have passed for various reasons one main one was a possible serious health concerns and another was set size. We have one set that we are strongly considering but it does not contain the in depth profile that we are used to as they came from another RE's office that closed. My RE took on another office's patients and embryos after they closed. The doctor from the other office that closed was diagnosed with a serious illness. My office said that the embryos coming from them look good but they just did not do in depth profiles and they use a way different grading system. For us it is hard to select a set that does not have the in depth profile because we love knowing as much as we can about the people who selflessly donated their precious embryos.We want to be able to share that with our babies someday.Both offices are anonymous donation but my office collects a lot more personal information from the donors.Their office 1 page my office 12 pages hobbies ,religion, occupation,medical history, musical ability and so much more! Huge difference! Also I have to say that my RE and his office are wonderful! And they are awesome at what they do so it's hard to feel like I will as successful using this other offices embryos. We may still choose the the set with less info it's just a stumbling block right now that hubby and I are talking our way through with each other. I will share more about all of this once we decide on a set. We are going to go get our bloodwork done tomorrow. I can expect about 14 vials drawn from me and hubby only gets about half that. Lucky guy!I need to get my sono and mock done soon now that I FINALLY got a period again. I asked my OB's office for progesterone to help induce it after it didn't come back after stopping nursing. I waited 6 months and it wouldn't come. After I took the progesterone it came back but I only got it 3 extremely heavy,irregular times. It then disappeared for over 3 months until recently.I have no idea why but at least it will allow us to move forward sooner. The RE planned to induce it soon if it didn't show. On other news we recently went on a family trip up through the top of Michigan and around down through Wisconsin and back up to home in Michigan.Which officially we now have driven entirely around Lake Michigan :-) Our main reason for going to Wisconsin was to see a fellow blogger Tammy. We have met before but we were soooo anxious to see her, her husband and meet their daughter for the first time! And they too were able to meet my entire family as they had only met Mason last time and he was only weeks old and now is 3 and a half! Wow does time fly! It was good to see them and we miss them already! We are sad that we don't live closer to them :-( and we can't wait to see them again!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baby girls turns 1 and a special announcement!!

Well little girl just turned the big "1" about a week and half ago. I still cannot believe how fast the last year has gone! She has been a complete joy to raise and seems to be trying to grow up quicker than her brothers did at her age. She started walking at 8 months and now at a year is running and into everything.LOL She started talking early too. I was hoping I would be able to savor a bit more baby hood but she has other plans ;-) I am not sure how many people are still really following this blog but for those of you that are I have a special announcement.A month and a half ago we got back on the waiting list for donor embryos!! Yes I know we are crazy for wanting more kids,or atleast that is what some people would say. But I have always wanted a large family and I thought that infertilty had taken that dream from me. Hubby and I dream about several grand children in the future to share the holidays with and the support system our children will have in each other. We were told when we got on the list that it could be a 9-12 months wait which I was okay with since I am currently in the process of losing the rest of my pregnancy weight. I am down 10 pounds but need to lose more. We figured we might as well wait while we are not ready to to move forward so it won't be such a hard wait.The office did say that I could call anytime and ask where we were at in our wait approximately so I did so yesterday. They said that they are guessing that we have about 6 months left, maybe more. There are a lot of factors that go into how the list plays out like people who pass on sets of embryos due to all kids of factors like medical history of donors,quality of set, number in set,race,hair /eye color, location of donor or other living child from donor (cannot be within 30 miles of another child). Also others that are currently pregnant tenatively stay on the list until the get to about 12 weeks,just in case.Anyways here we go again we are currently waiting and also excited even though it will probably be several months before we get matched but in the meantime I will be trying to get healthier so I am ready when they are :-)

Friday, April 26, 2013

It has been FOREVER!

It has been so long since I have kept up with blogs or blogged myself.I do truly miss all you lovely ladies! I keep telling myself that I need to get back into it and try better to keep up with everyone but then life takes over. I am currently in the process of trying to get all the pregnancy weight off of me,yes I know know my daughter is 11 months :-( But so far in the last 5 weeks I have tried really hard to change my eating habits and also have been exercising and so far I am down 10 pounds! I still have 25 pounds to go to get my pre pregnancy weight.I am really hoping that I can get back there I miss my clothes! Well little girl is now 11 months old and soon will be 1 year on May 4th! I cannot believe how fast the last year has gone! I seriously feel like it was only a couple of months ago that I had her.She is such a happy go lucky baby there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't make me smile and feel blessed to have her!She did have the worst colic EVER in the begining that is why I first dropped off that radar when it came to blogging but when she was about 3 months she was put on Zantac which helped so much! Even after the start of the Zantac I will not say that sleeping was her strong suit. I seriously was starting to think I would NEVER sleep again! But at about 10 months that finally changed it was a slow change but now she will finally sleep 8-9 hours at night. I know that is still low compared to other little ones her age but I will take it over the up every 2-4 hours that she was doing up until then. I started to feel like a zombie and blogging was that furthest from my mind even though I missed you all! So add the lack of sleep to being a homeschooling mommy of 4 and well you get the idea! I need to go over my blog list but just getting through a few them I have noticed that there are quite a few new pregnancies,births, adoptions, embryo matches and others begining new cycles and I am soo happy for all of you! I also know that there are still those that are waiting,hurting and struggling and I want to let you know that my heart still aches for you and I am still here for anyone that needs an ear or a shoulder. I can't wait to hear and read what everyone has been up to! Catch me up ladies!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Considering going private

I have been seriously thinking about going private.Not due to any drama or anything but because I don't really think I have anyone who is still truly following and or commenting.And who can blame you as I was MIA for so long.I guess I kinda feel like if there are no active readers that I really would like to not have this blog just out there for anyone to find online.Don't get me wrong I have met some wonderful people through this blog. And truly love that I have had it to connect with people but again I just feel like it is a big piece of my life that is very public.I will not just go private if I do I will give a heads up.I will let invited readers still follow if I am aware that you want to.Just contact me and let me know.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yup I was MIA again.But honestly I have a good excuse.One word COLIC! It was really bad with stretches of unconsolable crying that could last from anywhere from 4-7 hours with small breaks for her eat in between. We tried everything even the chiropractor for her. The small dose of zantac was started about 7 weeks ago seems to be helping along with time.I think it is partially getting better due to us basically waiting it out.Now that she is doing better it does allow me to actually use the computer from time to time. Now for the details she was born on May 4th at 12:42 am. She was 6 pounds 8 oz and 19 1/4 inches long. I had a much better birth experience this time. So much better than last time even though my labor was more painful.She arrived after 10 minutes of pushing.I did have an epidural again which was much more effective this time.My recovery this birth was much better and I seemed to have dodged the ppd bullet this time.I did indeed try to change my circumstances in hopes of avoiding it although I know sometimes no matter what you do it cannot be avoided. This time I planned a transfer so that I would be due in springtime rather than in the dark winter months like last time.( I am in Michigan)I also changed OBGYN's,hospitals and dr offices in order to avoid a bad birth experience again.Which this time was so much better my OBGYN actually came in for me even though it was her night off.She knew I was scared of having a bad experience and wanted to help me have a better one.And I did :-)I also really tried to watch how much weight I put on this pregnancy so I didn't have as much to lose.I do need to lose it still :( But atleast this time after I gave birth I only have about 15 pounds pregnancy weight and 10 pounds fertilty med weight to go when last time I had about 18 pounds fertility med weight and 41 pregnancy weight to lose after giving birth. I have joined an excercise class and am planning on joining another. I am so in love with my little girl and can't believe that I have a daughter! Her brothers are crazy about her and of course so is daddy! Well I should go for now my little girl is a calling but I will leave you with some photos of her!These were all taken the first 3 days after she was born.I will post more recent ones soon.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's time!!

To say that I have been a very bad blogger is a huge understatement.I was admitted to the hospital about 2 weeks ago overnight for kidney stones. That was excruciating.I have spent the last week or so healing from that. I now am readmitted as it is time for our little girl arrive.I have had worse labor this time than with our little nanner.I now have an epidural which is helping. Sorry so short.But it's almost time to get ready for her arrival :-)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

20 week complete ultrasound and time to catch up!

I had my 20 week complete u/s a couple of weeks a ago.I know I know I am a terrible blogger lately.I am guilty of using fb more than blogger, but even on there I haven't been really posting that much.If you are interested in being added to my fb just email me to let me know:)(email is on my blog on the right)

Now back to the u/s. Well everything looked great. Even though I was excited I also find the 20 week u/s to be nerve wracking. It is hard not to be afraid that you will get bad news. Maybe that is just IF raising it's ugly head and feeding my fears...

Well first off her organs etc all looked great and secondly she is still a she :) Three u/s's later I think we can be pretty certain that it's a girl.I am getting pretty excited about having a daughter. But it still doesn't feel completely real yet.

We are still working on naming her and have one we both like but have not made it official yet and therefor have not shared it with many people. Only 2 to be exact and they know that it may not be the one we choose.

I am anxious to get started on her room which will have owls has a main part of the theme along with pink! I am not able to start it yet as we are working on finishing another room for my oldest so he can move into it and that way Mookie can be in the room that is nearest our room.For those late night feedings and so she will not wake up the boys before we can get to her.

Nanner boy officially turned 2 about the same time as I had my 20 week u/s. It seems crazy that he is two already.I feel like I blinked and time flew by.He is doing great. Talking up a storm,loves doing his puzzles and building his dup.lo legos.The moment that melted my heart recently was when he started singing we wish you a merry Christmas out of nowhere. It was adorable!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.I know we did and Mookie even got a few presents from her grandma. She got 2 very cute sleepers and a cute velour penguin stuffed animal.Daddy even got a present from Mookie as he was able to feel her kick for the first time late on Christmas eve (basically it was Christmas since it was after midnight)I have been able to feel her for a while but he hasn't until then. I know when I had my 20 week u/s they said I have an anterior placenta which makes it harder to feel her kick and harder to hear with the doppler.But that it is nothing to worry about.

Well January is on it's way which means the turn of the new year and also me turning older once again.Yay! Please note sarcasm :)lol I know that age is just a number but in the fertility world it seems to be more than that so it is always a bit hard to add another year to my age every January.

Well everyone I hope that you are all well and that everyone is enjoying the holidays.Hugs to you all!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

IT'S A .....................

So we had another ultrasound today as they are watching me very closely and I asked the tech to peek at our little one again to confirm what they thought the gender was last week was the same this week.And it's turns out that our boys are still gonna have a .....

We are so happy and would have been so no matter what the gender. But I finally won't be so out numbered by boys :-) (4 to 1 in this house) I have always wanted at least one daughter and now God has blessed me with one. I see lots of pink in our future!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hey girls miss you all, and take my gender poll :-)

Hi everyone I know it has been forever again.Yes I blame it on being tired all the time Lara :) Well I am happy to report that most of my nausea and puking is gone.Not completely but it is so much better. Migraines are another story, they continue to stick around.I had an u/s appointment on Tuesday to check my cervical length. They are watching me close since it tore when I gave birth to nanner and due to my history of m/c's etc. The tech said it looked great and she even gave us a peek at baby who also was doing great. She paused before she started to look at baby and asked if she was able to see the gender did we want to know? I was like yes we are planners and really want to know ahead of time.She said she was about 90% sure what it was and told us but said that she would confirm it in December at our 45 minute complete u/s.We actually have 3 u/s appointments before that to check cervical length.So I may have her check again before that.We are trying to think of a cute way to announce gender this time as we did not do anything special last time.Preferably something that is maybe other video sharing site friendly since most people that we will be announcing to are not local.Plus I already told my mom as she twisted my arm while we were out Christmas shopping yesterday :)So any an all ideas are welcome.So besides all that I have been nesting like crazy. I have been cleaning out,sorting things to sell, donate and throw away.I love getting things organized and cleaned out it makes me feel accomplished but admittedly I am a bit sluggish in the duration and speed category compared to how fast I would usually do things like that. lol

How far along? 16 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: I am up about 2-3 pounds from my after fertility med weight. I gained about 7- 8 pounds on the meds before I got pregnant.

Maternity clothes? None, but the belly is growing even without gaining weight much weight.My normal jeans are getting uncomfortable so my yoga pants it is!

Sleep: Tired all the time and still dreaming at night like crazy

Best moment this week: Getting a surpise early glimpse at the gender :)

Movement:I swear I have light tapping and flutters

Food cravings: Anything that I can keep down at the moment, mostly ensure shakes.I still have strong aversions and can only eat a little of most foods before I don't want it.

Gender: 90% sure and keeping it a secret for now ;)

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Being headache free and having more energy

What I am looking forward to:My complete u/s on December 13th

Weekly Wisdom:Rest whenever you can and no pregnancy is exactly the same.

Well I guess that is about it for now,I would say that I will be better at blogging but I don't want to lie to all you sweet girls. lol All I can say is I will try. Miss you all and please know that I am still reading blogs.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Picture timeline

Mookies first pic!

5 weeks 5 days ultrasound

9 weeks 6 days ultrasound

Owl that we made for Mookie

I want to start out thanking you all for all your kind comments and helpful tips on pregnancy nausea. I had my first OB appointment on Oct 8 and it went really well. Our little miracle had a strong heart beat and was measuring ahead by 4 days. I like my new OB a lot she is great! After by horrible birth experience last time I knew I had to find a new OB in order to have a fresh start and so I would be better able to trust again the next time.They did an u/s that day so we got to see him or her :) We have given the baby a nick name just like we did Nanner. It feels a bit more personal until we know the gender and pick out names. So our little miracles nick name is "Mookie".We ventured out this past Sunday to make Mookie an animal at Bui.ld a bea.r. We ended up making a very cute colorful owl that we named "Mookie". We made Nanner a monkey named "Nanner" while I was pregnant with him too.It's has become tradition now.I was able to hear our little ones heartbeat for the first time on our home doppler at 9 1/2 weeks. I was surprised that I was able to so early but it was music to my ears :) I am finally going to post an up close embie picture from before transfer. I also have our first and second u/s picture that I will post.I decided to do the pregnancy question post.I have never done one before but everyone else does so I thought it might be nice to have a record of this time in my pregnancy. So here goes :)

How far along? 11 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: I am down 3 pounds,nausea makes it hard to eat and keep it down.

Maternity clothes? None, but the belly is growing even without gaining weight.

Sleep: Tired all the time but I sleep horrible at night,I have lots of nightmares

Best moment this week: Getting to stop the estrace, prometrium is next. I stop it in one week.

Movement: Nope but very strong heartbeat that we listen to on our home doppler!

Food cravings: Anything that I can keep down at the moment, mostly ensure shakes.

Gender: Not yet but we want to find out when we can

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Not throwing up :) and being nightmare free.

What I am looking forward to: Stopping the prometrium in one week.

Weekly Wisdom:Rest whenever you can and no pregnancy is exactly the same.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wowser it has been a while!

So sorry it has been so long since I last posted.Partially I have been so tired like bone tired.Also the nausea and food adversions have been very strong. I hesitated to post about this as I do not want to sound like I am complaining but the reality is that's what has been going on here lately.This pregnancy is so different from when I was PG with Nanner.I know that all PG's can be different but wow what a difference. I was not this wore out and tired with him nor did I have more than a handful of nauseated days. This time I have had to get a prescription for nausea since the nausea, food adversions and vomiting has been so bad.I was getting so bad that I had adversions even to liquids so I barely drank. Even water gagged me.The medicine has helped but does not last very long.I do have my very first appointment and U/S with my OB coming up soon.It is on october 5th.I can't wait. I have had a few more spotting incidents which I believe are still due to the prometrium.I try to not stress about it but it always worries me when it happens. I will be able to stop taking the estrace when I am 11 weeks and the prometrium when I am 12 weeks. I am currently 9 weeks so not too long from now.So questions for you girls anyone know of any tricks for helping with nausea? Also of you that have said you experienced spotting from taking prometrium, how often did it happen and was it something to worry about at all? Thanks girls and I know that I have to get better about posting but rest assured it not just my blog that is neglected,FB has also suffered. I just have been preferring to lay around instead of doing anything on the internet. I usually end up dosing off before I get online LOL. I will be taking my first belly pic soon, even though I am not showing and haven't gained any PG weight yet.I did gain about 6 pounds while on fertility meds but also have dropped about 2-3 pounds from being so sick.Well I should get going before I fall asleep on the keyboard :-) Hope everyone is doing well. P.s I am still reading everyone's blogs on most days, I haven't forgotten about you!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First ultrasound

Today we had our first u/s and it went very well. We saw a teenie tiny heart beating and we were measuring on track.He gave me a due date of May 3rd.I still am in disbelief it is taking a bit to really sink in for some reason.Don't get me wrong I am happy but just having a hard time believing it is true even thought I know it is. I know crazy but it's how I feel :)

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
DH got me these after we officially accepted our set of snowflake babies